We are a select team of Everett-Seattle attorneys representing clients in matters ranging widely from divorce to immigration, business, real estate, estate planning, and more. Three features set us apart from other firms: 1) unusually strong legal backgrounds, 2) cost-saving technologies, and 3) an extreme commitment to honesty.

Our legal credentials distinguish us from the competition more dramatically than perhaps any other single factor. To work at Genesis, we must possess outstanding formal academics or a significant record of industry-related accomplishment. This is noteworthy because our selective attorney recruiting reflects our focus on exceptional representation. For specific background information on each Genesis attorney, click here.

Our second differentiating factor—cost-saving technologies—also presents a stark contrast from other firms. Reduced overhead allows us to charge clients significantly less than average relative to the greater Seattle area. Standard hourly rates in Everett are a good example. Most Everett lawyers charge clientele 50-75% more per hour than we do. Click here for additional insight into our firm’s cost-saving technologies.

The third differentiating factor—commitment to honesty—means more than most people initially realize. We demand our clients tell the truth when our firm represents them. This makes Genesis a bad fit for some, especially many vindictive divorce litigants. However, our firm’s commitment to honesty usually leads to better outcomes in court and negotiations, divorce cases included. Click here to read about less-than-obvious practical benefits of truth-telling in legal matters.

Bottom line: Genesis seeks to improve lives. We ceaselessly strive for better outcomes, better prices, and to become better examples. As a result, a high percentage of our firm’s work comes from repeat clients and referrals. A better firm for a better world.

Explore the links and videos on this website to learn more, or simply contact Genesis to speak directly with one of our attorneys. Our firm offers free Mandarin Chinese interpretation upon advance request.

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